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Ultrasonic cabinets are equipped with the latest technology diagnostic ultrasound systems. The clinic presents premium class Toshiba Aplio MX SSA-780A apparatus which is produced by the Industry-leading manufacturer of diagnostic ultrasound systems. The Toshiba Aplio MX is a premium mid-sized cardiovascular ultrasound system. It completes advanced ultrasound exams, which are usually performed by larger and more expensive ultrasound systems.


Our experienced team of doctors, Tamuna Tsetskhladze and Archil Akhmeteli carry out all kinds of diagnostic ultrasound services to our patients.

Those who are not able to visit our clinic, we offer ultrasound services at home through our mobile group.

  • Pregnancy ultrasound
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Mammary gland ultrasound
  • Ultrasound of urinary system organs
  • Abdominal cavity organs ultrasound
  • Lymphatic system ultrasound


Rendgenology needs every Medical  Service,  Rendgenology is Human’s functional anatomy and clinical physiology, which is used to study various deaseses.

Nowadays Technical progress created such a medical apparatus that the X-ray beam is safe and there is no risk.

Our Clinic is Equipped with Rendgenology  special cabinets and u can have screenings and diagnostic of : Bone Articular Sistem, head, face,  forehead , Lung, Abdominal organs, Reproductive Sistem  and other Rendgenology Studies.


In Intermedic we use Modern  model  Intermedical COMPACT X-RAY  Rendgen Apparatus from Italy, which gives opportunity to patients to receive their  results in flexible and suitable form:  in hard copy or CD/DVD Format, or even get it by Email.

Please visit “Intermedika” where you will be able to get fast and safe X-ray examination and get a correct answer about your health.


At Intermedic there are Ophthalmology cabinets equipped by high-tech Apparatus.

In our clinic we use Modern ACCUREF-K Apparatus which enables us to exanimate a variety of ophthalmologic diseases, as for adults and adolescents.


Our doctor Marina Gorgiladze will provide an appropriate consultation and treatment. We recommend being careful about eye diseases in order to guarantee the healthy future for you.

Our eye experts take care of each patient and based on the full diagnostics, give them comprehensive answers about their current eyesight conditions. Eye problems may be related to the patient’s other medical testimonies, such as: diabetes, condition of the immune system and etc.  Therefore, our different field specialists (endocrinologists, neurologists) work closely together to create a common picture of your health for correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment purposes.

Intermedica offers:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Glaucoma
  • Eyelid and eyelash pathologies
  • Choosing sunglasses and optical lenses
  • Determining corneal pathology


Gynecological cabinet is equipped with a comfortable examination and treatment chair as well as accessories from a medical equipment producing German company SCHMITZ. Modern design of the treatment chair is adapted to ergonomic requirements. The cabinet comprises of colposcope by Leisengag. For more than 60 years, Leisegang has been recognized as the leader in colposcopes.  Leisegang’s highly acclaimed colposcopes are renowned for unparalleled precision, uncompromising quality, and lasting performance. Specially selected , hand-polished and set German optics, parfocal 3-step magnification, and convergent optical beams lend to Leisegang’s remarkable depth and clarity.


Our doctors Nona Chikvaidze and Rusudan Mjavanadze will help you to solve all kinds of Gynecological disorders, including menstrual cycle disturbance, inflammation and manage climacterical period, sterility and etc. They also provide professional support to child and adolescent Gynecology.


In recent years the tendency of endocrin diseases growth is tangible  in Georgia. Here is a short list of diseases that are faced by our endocrinologists on a daily bases:  diabetes, pathology of the thyroid gland, metabolic syndrome, reproductive system disturbances, fatness and etc. High growth tendency is observed over the past 20 years for the diseases such as diabetes and thyroid glands, so early diagnostics and appropriate treatment is essential. Our doctors  will provide an appropriate consultation. We recommend being careful about these diseases in order to guarantee the healthy future for you.



Combined examination by an experienced doctor, ultrasound and mammography may exclude tumour diagnosis, diffuse unnecessary concerns of patients or find dangerous disease in its beginning, when an effective treatment is possible. The best way to avoid the cancer of mammary gland is to have a full diagnostic analysis at least ones in a year.


We recommend you to get an early consultation with our doctor Irakli Kokhreidze to be confident in your health


Feeding a baby, physical development, child infections, treatment, child psychology, child growth and development is very important for all parents, our doctor Tamar Barbakadze will answer any kind of questions. At Interclinic we performe medical services for children 0-16 years old: Pulmonology, Cardiology, Neurology, and Endocrinology. Also, instrumental researches can be held if necessary: ultrasound, neirosonoscopy, endoscopy and rendgenography.



The cancer of prostate, prostate adenom, impotence, dysfunctions of erectus, chronic urinary retention, premature ejaculation, this is the list of diseases that occur to men over 45 years old and become a problem for a great majority. An early diagnostics and treatment is necessary at least once in a year to find dangerous disease in its beginning and avoid the risk of serious diseases.


Our expert doctor Irakli Badoevi equipped with modern apparatus of Yarovit AMBL_01 and YariloSinkhro perform all types of examinations namely pelvic organs, prostate disease, sterility, genitourinary cancer diseases, sexual and dysfunction diagnostics. Treatment is performed in compliance with the International Guidelines.


Gastrointestinal tract problems are very common in Georgia, which is not only caused by an incorrect feeding.  In stressful situations digestion system slows down and gastrointestinal tract problems appear.  That’s why, stress can be the result of many diseases such as loss of appetite, meteorism, diarrhea, all types of inflammation and etc. In this case right diet and proper feeding is a necessity but it is decisive to get combined examination and consultation with a professional doctor first.


At Interclic you can have a consultation with our professional gastroenterologist Ekaterine Zoidze. Researches are held in esophagus, gastric, duodenum and large intestine (gastro, duodenum and colonoscopy). Endoscopic cabinet is equipped by the state-of –the-art apparatus by “PENTAX “, global medical systems provider, that allows us to have medical examination of digestion tract, quickly and in a painless way. The HD+ images created by the combined PENTAX processor and endoscope currently provide the highest endoscopic image resolution available.


Chronic headache and vascular diseases, different kinds of memory disturbance, Parkinson and Parkinson plus diseases, peripheral damaged nervous system  (neck and back pain, polyneurits, multipliers scelorsis, dizziness and etc.) disturbances, also brain injury, cerebrovascular accident, condition after stroke , neurotic disturbances, scoliosis, osteocondrosis, neuritis, radiculitis and  vertebrobazilar syndrome, this list of diseases needs early identification, examination and appropriate treatment.


We advise you to visit our clinic and get a consultation with Shorena Kunchulia and invited specialist Mikheil Sandler.


In our clinic you can have an electrocardiography performed by modern 12 channel apparatus “Bionet Kardio Care”, laboratory analyses and echocardioscopy (with colorful ultrasonic system). As for cardiotocographic researches it is held by “Analogic’s” apparatus with an ultra modern computerized system. Remember, these examinations will help you to prevent problems with cardiovascular diseases.


We recommend you to get an early consultation with a cardiologist doctor Khatuna Diasamidze, who can offer individual examination and treatment plan to you.


Intermedic offers diagnostics and treatment of individual patients as well as patronage of the whole family at the high professional level.  The head of Therapeutic Cabinet is Marina Chemia, professional and attentive doctor with many years of experience and professional track record.



Every second person has skin problems at least once in a lifetime, causing worsening appearance and serious discomfort. Psoriases, dermatitis, eczema, micoz and etc. this is just a small list of the skin diseases among the thousands that exist. Nowadays, dermatology is very well-developed field in medicine that is giving us the opportunity to define the source of different skin diseases with the innovative diagnostic and therapy methods playing a vital role in skin disease treatment.


At Interclinic you can have a consultation with Elguja Beraia, who with appropriate treatment individually prescribes you with the right medicine.


Medical massage can help injures of various types and is the best way for their treatment. The main indications and testimonies that need to be taken into account are: pain and discomfort in the back, muscle cramps, osteochondros, height problems in children and adults, flat feet problems in kids up to 14 years old, stress situations at work and etc. Medical massage has its own methodology with positive and negative side effects. There are general as well as local types of massage. Massage type is carefully planned according to the functional disorder that takes place with each individual patient.


That’s why before you plan to take massage you should get a professional doctor consultation to avoid the difficulties and contraindications of wrong treatments.


Psychiatry and psychology services in our clinic ensures that you get the best care available with a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs. Comprehensive mental health assessments and treatments are coordinated by professional psychiatrist and psychologist with a comprehensive track record and experience.